Welcome to eJobDone. We are eJobDoers. We cruise the web in our virtual van, ready to give a tech advice, build and repair virtual homes and shops and fix broken e-things. Our rates are affordable and our repairmen are skilled and friendly!
What we do:
We provide web front-end HTML/CSS coding and graphics design services. Our seasoned staff is specialized in short-term projects: an average task on our to-do list costs less than $10 and takes less than 20 minutes to complete.
What we mostly work on is...
Logos: design, redesign, conversion to vector, conversion to font (handy!), adaption to different proportions and for usage with different media...
Web graphics: design and redesign of banners, headers, carousel images, icons, favicons and other web site graphics and web marketing materials...
Social media graphics: cover images, profile photos Photoshop makeovers, Facebook and Instagram posts...
Design for print: biz cards, letterheads, envelopes, posters, fliers, greeting cards...
On the other hand...
We don't work on anything illegal - including anything related to hate speech and/or promotion of violence and violation of human rights
We can't provide you with a custom illustration such as a mascot or a cartoon - because we don't have that type of artists among the staff
We can't help you get more traffic from Google - because we don't sell snake oil
How much eJobDoers charge?
Up to $30/hour, depending on amount of credits purchased in advance and whether you are a regular client or not. A minimal task (up to 10 minutes) costs 5 credits (up to $5), a 20 minutes job equals to 10 credits (up to $10) and so on. We also deliver all source files on client's request. An editable source document (typically PSD) costs only 5 credits to be prepared and delivered to a client, no matter its size and complexity.
You are safe with us:
We neither have nor want access to our clients' payment and other sensible information. MyCommerce® is an authorized reseller of goods and services provided by eJobDone.com and a guarantee that your payment for our services will be easy and secure.
We never share customer information with anyone and we never send any newsletters or additional offers to people that honored us by ordering a service from us.
We will never use a template, font, photo, design element or anything else that we don't have license for and that may eventually get a client in a legal trouble.
Hire us because:
We routinely work on tasks that many other companies consider being too small thus try to avoid.
You get 100% legal rights on everything we create and do for you.
There's no eJobDone portfolio: you are free to resell and markup as much as you want.
How it works & how to start:
1. First create an account with our help desk (only an email address is needed). It may sound like a bother but you'll soon realize that using it instead of regular email is well worthy.
2. To initiate a new project, ask us a question or ask for a free consultation open a new ticket. As soon as possible one of the available staff members will follow up.
3. At this point you may want to purchase some credits (see the next paragraph) if you don't have any. After the first payment you'll be given access to the page with the complete breakdown of all your projects, payments and bills.
4. Once (and never before) you decide to give an eJobDoer a go for a particular task, he (it's guys only) will check if you have enough credits for it to be completed and will either proceed with the actual work or will ask you to purchase more credits if estimated price goes beyond your credit balance.
5. After the project (or its larger part) has been completed, our staff member will deliver (by email and/or through delivery link or FTP upload) project-related files to you and deduct a particular amount of credits from your credit balance.
Credits purchase:
30 credits (1 hour)
($30 per hour)
90 credits (3 hours)
($28.3 per hour)
330 credits (10 hours)
($27.5 per hour)
NICE: After 1000 credits spent, an account gets promotion to Regular Client status. Regular clients get 10% more credits with every purchase (33 credits for $30 - equals to $27.27/h, 99 credits for $85 - equals to $26,72/h and 363 credits for $275 - equals to $25/h) and higher place on our task list.
Feel free to contact us through our help desk. We usually respond in up to 24 hours (except weekends and major holidays).
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